Wild Rift Guide – Best Akshan Builds, Runes, Spells

This League of Legends: Wild Rift build guide will help you build the best build items, runes, and spells for Akshan. Akshan is one of the very strong Marksman/Assassin champions in Mid Lane because he has a fast and large burst of attack damage.

Best Akshan Builds


As you know, Marksman has a wider attack area than the usual melee type so he can clear minions quickly without having to approach them. This means that Akshan can do farming in the early game quickly to level up.

Akhsan himself has quite high mobility because of his passive skill which provides additional movement speed if his attack hits the enemy champion and his 3rd skill which can issue a kind of rope to move places.

However, with the complexity of Akshan's skills, you will find it difficult to use them if you don't really understand every skill he has. Akshan himself is a champion with S-Tier status.

Check out the Wild Rift champion build guide for Akshan below.

1. Skills

Passive – Dirty Fighting


Every normal attack or attack from the 3rd skill that hits the enemy champion will give bonus physical damage and also get shield damage for a while.

1st Skill – Avengers


The Boomerang that is issued can hit the enemy twice when it is first thrown and when it returns to him. Interestingly, the attack range of this boomerang will increase if it continues to hit the last target hit.

2nd Skill – Going Rogue


Passive: If the enemy champion kills a teammate, the enemy will be in Scoundrel status for a few seconds. By killing this Scoundrel, Akshan gets a gold bonus and the respawn cooldown of the killed teammates will decrease.

Active: Camouflages for a few seconds and the camouflage duration will be refreshed when he gets closer to a wall or bush. Plus getting movement speed when approaching Scoundrel.

3rd Skill – Heroic Swing


Shoots the rope into the wall for a few seconds and can swing in circles to the front, back or left and right. When swinging, Akshan will shoot enemies that have just taken damage if they are within range.

Ultimate Skill – Comeuppance


Locks enemy champions and overcharges for a few seconds. The less HP the enemy has, the more damage given will increase.


  • Heroic Swing – Avengers – Comeuppance
  • Dirty Fighting – Avengers – Comeuppance
  • Going Rogue – Heroic Swing – Dirty Fighting – Avenerang – Comeuppance

2. Build

Main Build


Main Build This is the general build used. At least, make sure you get the first three items starting from the Blade of the Ruined King to increase attack damage and Attack Speed, Runaan's Hurricane to get an additional critical rate and attack speed, and Quicksilver Enchant which is increased from the Gluttonous Greaves upgrade item.

Build Items VS AD/Assassin


This build is similar to the Main Build except that the Bloodthrister item is replaced with a Phantom Dancer which effectively increases the critical attack rate and attack speed. Plus a bonus shield damage if Akshan's HP is below 35% after being hit by attack damage from the enemy.

Build Items VS AP/Mage


Replace Bloodthirster with Maw of Malmortius to fight AP-focused champions such as Mage who help provide magic resistance and shields that absorb magic damage.

Build Items VS Tanks


This build has one different item, namely Mortal Reminder which is effective against Tank champions because it will provide additional attack damage to reduce enemy health and armor penetration to reduce their armor.

3. Runes

Wild Rift Rune: Conqueror - zilliongamer



Attacking enemies multiple times with different attacks or skills up to 5 stacks gives bonus attack damage/ability power.



Get additional attack damage/ability power when the attack hits the enemy.



Gain 10 attack/magic resistance, based on champion status.

Hunter – Genius


If you succeed in killing the enemy, it gives ability haste.

4. Spell


Deals 60 true damage (60-410) for 5 seconds and deals. Damage dealt will reduce the healing effect by 50%.


Switch positions by teleporting in the intended direction.

5. Counter

Good Against


With fairly flexible mobility, Akshan can easily reduce the HP and armor owned by Garen, Darius, Vayne because their skills do not have the ability to move quickly. Especially because Akshan's burst attack damage is so fast and can be fired continuously.

Weak Against

Akshan's weakness is against enemy champions who give slow and stun effects such as Malphite and Wukong. Or against a champion who moved faster than him like Camille. This makes Akshan's movement speed decrease drastically.

6. Advantages and Disadvantages

Playing in Mid Lane and understanding all of Akshan's skills and combos makes it easy for you to master this most important lane easily. Even with his mobility, Akshan could quickly help Dragon Lane and Baron Lane.

In addition to the crowd control effect which is Akshan's main enemy, another weakness is on the players because it is very important to understand every skill and combo effect given. If you don't master it, the skills issued will be in vain.

7. Tips

Before playing Akshan, Gimbot recommends practicing first in Practice Mode to learn the skills and combo sequences previously described above because the level of using Akshan is quite difficult. Make sure you read in detail this Akshan Wild Rift build guide.

When playing in the early game, collect as much gold and exp as possible to level up quickly. When you want to do ganking and help teammates, make sure the Going Rogue skill is activated. You can revive them quickly if they die at enemy hands by killing the enemy champion.

Save Ultimate to finish off enemies with low HP during war because the damage given becomes greater and you can get additional gold.

With fairly flexible mobility, Akshan can easily reduce the HP and armor owned by Garen, Darius, Vayne because their skills do not have the ability to move quickly. Especially because Akshan's burst attack damage is so fast and can be fired continuously.

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