Tips and Tricks to Play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Gravity Interactive Inc. has launched the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love at the end of last October. This MMORPG genre game is available through mobile devices. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love itself presents the same gameplay as Ragnarok Online, but with a more detailed graphic display than the 2000 version of Ragnarok Online.

 Well, for those of you who have played Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and don't understand or experience problems while playing, I have tips and tricks for playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Here are the tips and tricks.

1. Determine the Job and Build From the Beginning

The game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, just like MMORPG games in general, involves stat distribution and job changes, you need to build your character before starting the game. If you decide on one class, and when you consider another class, your stats may turn out to be an ineffective character, this makes your efforts wasted or you may end up working on another character.

On the other hand, every second job in the game had a skill that depended on a different stat built up from the first job. Regarding the second job, each can have different skills to consider depending on the job you choose. For example, Priests built for battle have different stats and skill requirements compared to full support.

Just to tell you a few job options available in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for new players, the 6 jobs that you can choose from are unique, you have to know which job suits your playing style. Here are 6 job options available in this game:

Swordman – Strengths: Close range, good at physical attacks, has high attack and defense.
Thief – Strengths: Close range, high flee, fast ASPD.

Archer – Strengths: Long range, very long attack range, a character with the highest DPS on job one.
Magician/Mage – Strengths: Magical attacks that are large enough and capable of launching area attacks.

Acolyte – Strengths: Long-range, has magic skills, support, can do healing (recover max HP).
Merchant – Pros: Great attack, can buy items cheaply and sell for high prices.
How to change jobs

The main requirement to change the job of the novice, the character must reach level 10 by leveling first.

Leveling in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love when you are a novice is very easy, you just need to auto-attack the monsters around you.

2. Complete Quests in One Area at a Time

Many quests can be done and completed in the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Some may seem like trivial tasks, others are more challenging and have to be more powerful to complete.

When you start your adventure in South Prontera, you'll immediately see an exclamation mark on the mini-map above with several NPCs if you get close enough to see them. You don't need to complete one mission before taking on another task from the nearby NPCs, you can freely complete many missions at once.

Keep in mind that most missions send you back and forth on the map, some missions revolve around the same area or require you to farm the same monsters. Since there are quests that require you to go to a different map for the next quest, make sure you prioritize other quests that you can upgrade in the map because some of them will direct you to the same map in the future.

You will face many different monsters easily and you may be tempted to farm continuously until you fulfill your goal. Once you get EXP, Zeny (the currency in this game), sometimes some loot for killing monsters is not as much as you get from completing missions. So instead of chasing monsters, you can level up faster and earn more Zeny by completing each mission as fast as you can and moving on to the next.

3. Apply for Your First Class Job at Level 10

Just for clarification, there are two sets of experiences that you get in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, just like most Ragnarok games. First, basic experience applies to the actual level of your character while job experience grows on the job or class you choose. With every initial level up, you get 3 stat points which can be distributed to any attribute you think needs to be increased.

Keep in mind that the point attribute stat needs to grow higher for each attribute because certain attributes also increase. Job levels, on the other hand, reward you with skill points that can be used for various skills. Since you'll never get enough points to maximize all the skills you can acquire, it's important to plan ahead and even decide to use skill points.

Although you are told to choose a class first before starting the game, the actual job selection occurs when you reach level 10 and go through some quick quests. Visit and talk to Eden Team Coach, Poya (the first NPC you talk to) which is located just below Prontera South Gate once you reach level 10 and he will instruct you to go to Prontera. Just follow the map markers that will direct you to different people and locations. Keep going until you reach Adventurer's League HQ where you'll see Higgy Eez, the Adventurer's Guild senior mentor, as well as other characters representing each class.

If you're not familiar with each class with their costumes, don't hesitate to approach anyone because you can still see other jobs after talking to this NPC. Once you've made up your mind, approach the NPC mentor and he'll ask you a few questions before sending you off to the combat test. At your level, this shouldn't be a problem. After that, a ceremony will take place for your job change.

4. Visit Mission Boards and Take Missions Offered

There are many quests that you can get from cities and locations on your journey, There are Mission Boards scattered in various cities that offer EXP and lots of Zeny. You can only take these quests one at a time and quests are usually easy to complete.

After you complete a quest, make sure to return to any Mission Board to get rewards as well as to take on the next mission. Be sure to note where most of the missions will take place and remember to keep them at Kafra station close to where most of the quests will take place to save your travel time.

5. Bring Potions and Fly Wings

Regardless of the job you choose, you may need to buy and carry some Red Potions and Blue Potions. The amount you bring may depend on your job. Acolytes may no longer need to carry a lot of Red Potions and instead keep more Blue Potions.

Jobs that are less dependent on skills can choose to carry more Red Potions instead. Considering that there will be a long way through the map, especially to locations far from Kafra Transports, Fly Wings, and Butterfly Wings, both (Red Potions and Blue Potions) are essential items you should have with you. Fly Wings teleports you on the map and is not only for traveling long distances but also great for an emergency exit when you're in danger. Butterfly Wings, on the other hand, teleports you to the city or area where you last saved using Kafra Service.

6. Visiting Monster Watcher Every Day

Monster Watcher gives you twice per day to visit locations where it can give you 10 times Exp. If you want to get more EXP and level up quickly, make sure to take advantage of this. While there's a limit to how much you earn, it's still a huge help to you and shouldn't be ignored as later on some quests will have a minimum level requirement and you'll want to get past that quickly.

7. Check Inventory Regularly

From the many things you learn and explore in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you may forget the loot you collect from all the quests. Some of the gifts you receive may be in the form of gift boxes that you should open sooner rather than later. Beware, for every 10 levels you reach, there is a Growth Pack that contains rewards that include Zeny and other goodies. It's great to use them when they're available to make the next quest relatively easier. 

On the other hand, there is also a limit to the items you can carry. Since you don't need everything at once, make sure to store it in Kafra Storage once it's almost full. There is a Zeny fee every time you use the service, so be careful when storing items and retrieving some items.

8. Join a Party or Create One

Given that MMORPGs are not designed for gamers who like to play alone, feel free to join a party and make some new friends.

If you have friends who also play this game, then it would be better to play with them, especially when you simply coordinate in choosing a job at a party. If not, feel free to try and make friends with thousands of people on the internet. So, try to consider being at a party especially when you are having trouble with certain quests.

9. Join a Guild ASAP

Guilds are very important in this game and it will be very difficult to progress in the game without them. Even though you have made one request to join a Guild at level 1. If you wish, you can create your Guild, but you must reach level 20 before you can create your Guild.

Not only do Guilds serve as a more suitable source of friends for you for quests and hunting, but many other benefits and activities are only available to you once you become a Guild member. But like most games, you want to join a Guild that is active and has many members because the growth of the Guild itself depends on the activities and contributions of each member.

10. Check Adventure Book

Adventure Book

One of the new features in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the Adventure Handbook which serves as a diary of many things related to your adventures. Every monster and NPC you meet, as well as headwear, pets, and achievements you get, are listed here. When you reach new progress, you can add some here manually by clicking the “+” sign. Then you will get adventure experience and sometimes Eden coins too.

11. Stay In The Limits Of Auto-Battle AFK Combats

You may tend to use auto-battle to gain more experience and loot while you are away from the game and doing other things, you should be aware that doing this indefinitely will have unlimited benefits. Generally, this is known as grinding, which is the hardest thing for hardcore gamers to do.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love places a limit for the drop rate and EXP you gain in a day through combat, which is around 300 minutes per day. Once you exceed this limit, the experience you gain and the drop rate will decrease. Unused combat time will be accumulated, for a maximum of up to 600 minutes. You can see how much combat time you have left by clicking the “More” icon in the top right corner of your screen and clicking Settings.

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