Guide and Tips to Find Crystal Ragnarok X: Next Generation

For those of you who don't know, Ragnarok X: Next Generation has three main currencies that can be used for transactions, including Zeny, Crystal, and Diamond. Zeny is the currency used to buy items from NPCs and you can also get it from selling hunting trash items. If Diamond is a currency that can only be purchased with the original currency or by exchanging Crystals.

Crystal itself in our opinion is the main currency in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, because Crystal is the only currency that can be used to buy items on the Exchange. Well, on this occasion we will provide guidelines and tips for finding Crystals in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

1. Complete All Daily Activities at Carnival

Complete All Daily Activities at Carnival

Just like most mobile MMOs, Ragnarok X: Next Generation also adheres to a daily activity system that resets every day. By completing some activities, you can get Crystal rewards. The total Crystal that you can get if you have reached 100 Carnival Activity points is approximately 1500. So make sure to always do all the activities in Carnival before the reset, which is 5 am!

2. Daily Sign-in

Daily Sign-in

You can also get Crystals by logging in every day regularly. In total you can get 10 thousand Crystals in one month if you are diligent in doing daily sign-in. This feature resets every 12 o'clock at night and if you forget to sign-in, then you can take advantage of the Make-up feature, where you can retrieve the missed reward. Crystal rewards can usually be picked up on Wednesdays every week.

3. Do the Challenge Academic Progress

Do the Challenge Academic Progress

For those of you who are new to playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation, you can open the Academic Progress feature by tapping Rewards at the top right of the screen, then selecting Academic Progress. There you can see several missions that have attractive prizes and one of them is Crystal. The total Crystal that you can get from this feature is approximately 10-20 thousand! There are many challenges that you must complete in Academic Progress, such as upgrading equipment, collecting some cards, reaching certain levels, and many others. Not only Crystals, you can also get Zeny and several other useful items when completing Academic Progress.

4. Sell Items on Exchange

Sell Items on Exchange

As the main currency for transactions on the Exchange, you can sell various items such as life skill results, MVP items, drop items from Daily Instances, cards, and many others. Rare items from MVP usually have a very high price. Cards can also be a source of Crystals that you can chase, if you don't plan to MVP regularly. If you are lucky to get rare items from MVP, you have the opportunity to get millions to tens of millions of Crystals!

5. Exchange for Diamonds

Exchange for Diamonds

This last method is specifically for those of you who plan to spend real money on Ragnarok X: Next Generation. You can directly exchange Diamonds to Crystals at a rate of 1:10. Or if you want to get a higher rate, you can sell the Diamond until another player buys it. How to exchange Diamonds into Crystals, you simply tap the plus sign to the right of the Crystal, then enter the number of Diamonds you want to exchange. Or the easy way you can buy the item you want, if your Crystal count is less, the system will automatically withdraw Diamonds.

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