5 Tips for Playing Pokemon Unite for Beginners So You're Not Really Noob

Just playing Pokemon Unite and confused about what to pay attention to when playing? Read this Pokemon Unite tips guide for beginners so you can play better when you're in the Ranked or Standard game with your friends.

Tips for Playing Pokemon Unite

In short, Pokemon Unite is similar to other MOBA games with some gameplay that you must always keep in mind such as focusing on objectives, don't play individually, to the importance of communicating with teammates using pings.

Here are tips for playing Pokemon Unite for beginners!

1. Objectives are Everything

Objectives are Everything

Even though Pokemon Unite is a PvP game and battles with enemies will always occur, you must stay focused on the game's objectives. Some objectives that must always be obtained are jungle buffs from Wild Pokemon because they will give EXP to increase Pokemon levels and Aeos Energy to score points.

There is a purple buff from Bouffalant which will give a slow effect to the enemy if your attack hits him. Then, there is an orange buff from Ludicolo which will increase damage to enemies who have low HP. Make sure the Attacker or Speedster type Pokemon take this jungle buff at the beginning of the game to increase their attack power.

Always pay attention to the map if Rotom or Drednaw has appeared and try to defeat them. Drednaw at the bottom will give all teams a large shield and EXP. Rotom will move to the nearest enemy goal and allow you to score points instantly for a while.

Lastly is Zapdos which will appear at the last moment. If you beat him, Zapdos will give a large Aeos Energy to all players on your team and allow you to score points instantly for 30 seconds.

2. Play Team Gameplay Correctly

Play Team Gameplay Correctly

Remember, Pokemon Unite is a team game and taking on enemies alone can be very dangerous. If you are confident enough to win the fight, you can fight 1v1. But it would be better if you always move together with teammates so that there are backups when fighting.

The most important tip is to avoid fighting enemies in their goal area because they will get shields and HP regeneration. Moreover, there are Berries near the first goal in the middle that can be eaten to increase HP instantly.

Next, don't force the fight if your Pokemon's HP is low because if you die, the enemy can get EXP & Aeos Energy that you hold will drop so they can score points to the goal easily.

Try to play together with friends you know so that you can easily communicate with them to prepare the best strategy for each battle that is played.

3. Don't War If You Miss The Level

Don't War If You Miss The Level

Many novice players are often eager to continue to fight with enemies in order to get kills and prove themselves that they are reliable Pokemon Trainers. If your Pokemon level is already high, of course it doesn't matter.

But if your Pokemon's level lags about two levels from the enemy's, avoid fighting with the enemy because you will definitely lose. Don't force unimportant battles and make you die, especially the enemy will get EXP when they beat you.

4. Try to Get Last Hit

Try to Get Last Hit

If you're fighting Wild Pokemon or enemies, make sure to get Last Hit from them because players who get Last Hit will get more EXP and teammates who help will get less EXP. This EXP is important to level up your Pokemon quickly. And one more thing, players who get Last Hit will get Aeos Energy.

5. Use Ping for Communication

Use Ping for Communication

With the lane division starting from Top, Middle, Bottom and the role of each Pokemon, it is important to take advantage of the ping feature as communication between teams. If the All-Rounder and Supporters at the Bottom are pressed, use ping to ask teammates like Speedsters in Middle to help you.

This ping contains several command instructions for both attacking, defending, and asking everyone to gather. One of the important ping features is when Zapdos appears in the penultimate minute and you can ask your teammates to gather in the middle to beat Zapdos.

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