25 Best COC Level 4 Builder Hall Bases, Guaranteed Strong!

the case of the artisan hall in the game clash of clans is the base where we arrange defense buildings and others in the base builder hall. Inside the level 4 artisan hall has an increasing number of traps, buildings, and forts. Additions to this level 4 craftsman's hall will be, 2 archer towers, 2 cannons, 1 double cannon, 1 destroyer, 1 power tower, and 1 air defense. Therefore, in this article, we will provide a list of the 25 best level 4 artisan hall bases. So that you don't worry too much about how to arrange the COC Base so that it doesn't get flat easily.

Just a suggestion when you use the level 4 craftsman hall base in this article so that as much as possible it is arranged the same. So that your base is resistant to attack and of course it is not easy to flatten when you can attack your opponent. The trap that is installed by you is different from the image below. Then your base defense may have a gap, which your opponent can later use to evenly distribute your base in battle. The following will show pictures of the 25 Best COC Level 4 Builder Hall Bases, Guaranteed Strong! which can be used by the clashes for structuring their base.


Let's Check Out the 25 Best COC Level 4 Builder Hall Bases, Must Know!

Base 1


First, this base is specifically designed to kill the ground unit troops from your opponent. In this base, there are already holes and the holes have been installed with a trap. There are two cannons and an inferno tower inside the fence which aims to prevent your opposing troops from directly attacking the weapon, so they can attack the enemy continuously.

Base 2


The second base is almost similar to the first base above, with the main goal of distracting. It can be seen if in front of the base there is a hole and a trap has been installed. If your opponent attacks through the hole, there will be two archer towers and two cannons behind which will be ready to counter the opponent's attack.

Base 3


For the next side of the base, several traps await enemy troops. In addition, the archer tower and air defense are also ready to attack. Hot air balloons and inferno towers will also add air defense. This base has a defensive focus. Because defense is the key to victory when playing clash of clans on the builder base. Because, if your opponent gets one star or doesn't get a star at all when attacking your base, your opponent will automatically lose.

Base 4


The next base has more double wall laying which aims to make it difficult for enemies who use ground unit attacks to penetrate the defense. The defense building that is arranged in the middle of this base, is very dangerous for the opponent. Because they can be trapped in this base and will get bombarded attacks from our base defense units such as cannons, inferno towers, and archer towers that can fight them.

Base 5


The next base is an anti-boxer giant base because this base has the goal of fighting and defending against giant troop attacks. In this base, there are various kinds of traps and booms that can fight giants. Add more cannons and archer towers that will fight giant enemies.

Base 6


The next base is a defense base that is difficult for the opponent to penetrate. In this base, it has traps at various angles from the front, back, and sides. This base also only has one entrance which makes it difficult for opponents to enter. If the opponent has entered it will be easily defeated.

Base 7


The next base is the same as the previous base 5, namely the anti-boxer giant base. However, in this base, there is a difference with the presence of a stronger wall. This wall will make it difficult for giants to enter the base and defense equipment such as cannons, inferno towers, and archer towers can fight them.

Base 8


Furthermore, this base has many entrances, but don't be fooled because this base has many traps on that road. The trap will hit the opposing team. After that, the opposing troops will be faced with attacks from cannons, inferno towers, and archer towers that can fight them.

Base 9


This next base has a purpose so that the opposing troops can be deceived. So that the front of this base has space so that it can be filled with various kinds of traps and weapons equipment. When the troops will attack this base, the opposing troops will be lured into the space and will be hit by your traps and weapons.

Base 10


This last base is the same as the previous base, which has a space that contains a trap. But what distinguishes it from the previous base is that the space is at the back of the base and the front there are many traps. In addition, on the front and back of this base, there are also guarded by defense equipment such as cannons, inferno towers, and archer towers that can fight enemy troops.

Base 11


This base has the aim of overcoming enemy air units. With many trap units and defensive buildings for air units, it will protect your base from enemy attacks.

Base 12


This base has a strong wall structure. With this wall, the enemy troops will find it difficult to penetrate the wall. Enemies will also get counterattacks from defensive buildings.

Base 13


This base has a purpose to better protect the back of your base. It can be seen that there are three layers of defensive walls. For the front, there are many traps and defensive buildings that can protect.

Base 14


This base has solid walls, forcing enemy troops to enter the trap way. On the road, there are already many traps and defensive buildings for various units.

Base 15


Like the previous base, this base has strong walls and there is a trap road full of traps.

Base 16


Although this base looks open and the enemy is easy to attack, this base has many traps. You can see this from the many empty rooms in this base, which of course have traps.

Base 17


This base has one entrance that already has various traps in it. In addition, there are various kinds of defense buildings in this base.

Base 18


This base has a focus on protecting your gold. You can see from the existence of its protective wall and traps and defensive buildings for gold shelters only.

Base 19


This base has a lot of traps when you get into it. Even though the entrance is wide open.

Base 20


Like base number 18 protecting the gold shelter. But this base has many traps and the walls are strong enough to hold the enemy.

Base 21


This base is intended to lure the enemy into your base. After entering, you will get attacks from defense buildings and various kinds of traps.

Base 22


This base aims to protect your TH. You can see in this base, the TH building is protected by walls and traps, and defensive buildings.

Base 23


This base can ward off giant and barbarian attacks by using a variety of traps. In addition, there are also defensive buildings that will attack them.

Base 24


Even though it looks easy to attack him, this base has already attacked him. Because this base has a lot of traps and the defense building of this base is very good.

Base 25


This base looks weak, but you have to be careful. Because this base can be deceiving with many traps and strong defensive buildings.

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