Some of these Tank heroes are proven to be able to help increase rankings in Mobile Legends.

The development of a MOBA game has indeed spurred the birth of new hero names, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is no exception. The popularity of the MOBA mobile game made by Moonton is very high in Southeast Asia. Unlike esports athletes, for ordinary players, there are indeed many goals when playing Mobile Legends such as for entertainment or just wanting to climb a higher ranking. To climb the ranking also requires understanding several heroes and roles, one of which is the selection of Tanks. If there is no Tank, it is very difficult to win a ranked match.



But if you are confused about which Tank hero should be studied, this article can be a reference for increasing rankings. Let's look at 12 strong Tank Mobile Legends heroes in 2021!

12. Belerick


Belerick is one of the Tank heroes who has good strength to guard enemies in certain areas with the ultimate skill, Wrath of Dryad. In addition, Belerick is also very suitable for using magic damage because his passive, Deadly Thorns, will take out roots to the surrounding area when exposed to damage.

Apart from being a Tank, Belerick can also be used for an offlane position. So, it is very good to use also to increase rank.

11. Gatotkaca



Hero Tanks inspired by Indonesian legends are well-positioned for aggressive types of players. Ghatotkacha can rotate quickly. Several skills are very useful for warfare such as the ultimate, namely Avatar of Guardian which can jump far too certain locations. The semi-tank position can also maximize its past, namely Steel Bones.

10. Johnson


After getting the buff, Johnson becomes an option that needs to be seriously considered if you want to climb the rank. The reason is, Johnson can transport 2 players at once with the ultimate skill, namely Rapid Touchdown. For the Johnson Tank position, it can also withstand great damage, especially with a passive that provides armor when the blood drops more than 70%. Not only Tanks, in the 2021 patch, Johnson can be used as an offlane/semi-tank with build magic damage.

9. Tigreal


Tigreal is one of the longest Tank heroes in MLBB. In addition to having the ability to push players in a certain direction with a Sacred Hammer, Tigreal's Ulti can damage enemy formations, especially with Flicker combinations. When used at the right time, Tigreal's Ulti can provide many advantages during team battles.

8. Franco


Besides Tigreal, Franco has also colored Mobile Legends for a long time. He can attract opposing players with Iron Hook. Franco is also suitable for holding agile heroes like Ling, Selena, Harith, to Harley by using his ultimate skill, Bloody Hunt.
So, don't be surprised if Franco is suitable for increasing the rank for reliable Tank users.

7. Uranus


The selection of Tank heroes is also increasingly varied, now Uranus can be an option as a big damage barrier. HP regeneration skills become the 'selling point' of this one hero. The ultimate skill, Consecration is very good for keeping HP increasing even though it gets a lot of damage. Uranus can also later be used as a semi-tank because the Ionic Edge skill is capable of dealing considerable damage.

6. Hylos


When it comes to holding back damage, not only Uranus can be relied on because Hylos can too. This hero with the stature of a Centaur can withstand enormous damage. With the combination of passive and ultimate skills, Glorious Pathway can also be useful for initiation. Even better, Hylos is also very strong in the Early Game and can kill almost any 1vs1 opponent with a Ring of Punishment.

5. Grock


Grock is a Tank hero that is very suitable for initiation using the Power of Nature skill. In addition, Grock is also able to break the deadlock during the war. His ultimate skill, Wild Charge, can do great damage, especially when cornering an opponent against a wall. So this Tank hero is also suitable for those of you who want to be aggressive even if you use a Tank.

4. Atlas



To climb the rank, it seems Atlas must be taken into account. This hero is very suitable to do war on a large scale. Because many stuns can be generated from the Atlas skill range. With his ultimate skill, he can attract almost all opponents with Fatal Links.

3. Khufra



Initiation is indeed an important value for Tanks, especially if initiation is used at the right time and changes the rhythm of the fight. Khufra can be the main choice because he can throw opponents and is suitable against several heroes like Fanny with the Bouncing Ball skill.

2. Gloo



This hero is one of the newest tanks in MLBB. For this one hero, you can maximize passive skills, namely Stick, Stick. The opponent's movement speed can be reduced with his passive and he can withstand considerable damage with his ultimate skill, Split, Split.

1. Baxia


The last suitable hero to rank up in 2021 is Baxia. This hero has a fast rotation with the Baxia-Shield Unity skill, which is an important value when playing at high ranks like Legend or Mythic.

In addition, Baxia can withstand enormous damage with the ultimate skill, namely Tortoise's Puissance, making it very effective for warfare in all conditions.
That was the list of the best Tank Mobile Legends heroes that you can use to climb the rankings. On the other hand, if you are still confused about determining the item you want to use, you can read the list of the best Mobile Legends items that we have made before.

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